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Queensland Government Battery grant

A New Queensland government Solar Battery Grant has just been announced. Everything you need to know about the new battery grant. The grant is for solar home batteries and is worth up to $4000 towards the cost of a Solar battery.  You can also claim a grant towards installing solar on your property, when combined […]

Should I check my solar system after a storm?

 Should I check my solar system after a storm?  The answer is a resounding yes.  But why is it important to check the solar panel system?  After a large storm it is common that the inverter will shut down to protect itself from damage and sometimes the Inverter will restart itself, but for various reasons […]

Choosing a Solar Installation Company is confusing

So you have been thinking of going solar or maybe adding a battery to your existing system but who do you use? Well Circuit Alert Solar of course, well we know it’s just not that simple if you don’t know us. So how do you choose a great installer? 1: First buy local, things can […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Solar Panel Lifespan Explained

Thousands of Australians understand the significance and benefits of using clean-sourced energy – solar over fossil fuel-based electricity. Installing Australian made solar panels allows homeowners and commercial business owners to fulfil their energy needs, without harming the surrounding nature and saving maximum on electricity bills. In addition to obtaining free energy, homeowners can also leverage […]

Guide 101: Everything About Solar Battery Storage

Most Australian homeowners have already adopted clean-sourced energy – solar, as a way to save thousands on their utility bills and reduce individual CO2 footprint. Solar panels are commonly found upon the rooftops of Australian homes, and homeowners are getting used to living an off-grid life. The popularity of solar power in Australia is driving down […]

Advantages Of Solar Energy To The Environment And For Your Wallet

In recent years, Australia has noticed an evident surge in the usage of clean-sourced energy -solar, which has emerged as one of the most affordable sources of energy. Homeowners and commercial business owners are now switching from their grid system to a clean, green energy source. The sudden switch is mainly because such inexhaustible and renewable […]

4 Benefits of Solar Power Battery Storage For Your Home

Solar is an abundant, infinite source of energy that offers a myriad of economical and financial benefits for any residential and commercial property owners.  People prefer to go solar as it helps them enhance their surrounding environment and reduce individual energy costs. Using solar panels is the best way to upgrade your property’s energy efficiency […]

What To Look For When Buying Solar Panels? 2021 Updated

Solar panels are one of the best methods to lower your energy bills since they can be used to channel the power of the sun to generate electricity. This is also a very efficient method of transforming the power source of either your residential or commercial system to a more eco-friendly source. Solar energy is […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

So, you’ve heard about all the benefits associated with solar panels, such as lowered power bills and reduced enviro footprint. You’ve made the decision to commit, and are now in the process of finding a reputable company. Perhaps you’ve hit up Google to search for something like ‘best solar installers in Brisbane’, or maybe you’ve […]