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Will Solar panels in Brisbane will save you money? If Yes, How?

Nowadays, people are more invested and interested in installing efficient energy systems when designing a new or renovating the existing house. The increasing utility bills and drastic changes in the environment have convinced the homeowners in Brisbane to install solar systems. It isn’t a hidden fact that solar energy integration in daily lives isn’t just beneficial to the environment but also for the energy bill. One of the best benefits of a solar panel is that it will eventually help you save a lot of money that you otherwise pay to the utility bills. However, it is very important to consult the best solar company in Brisbane that understands your solar needs and installs the most appropriate solar system.

Well, 30% of the homes in the Brisbane area have solar panels – one of the highest rates of Australia’s capital cities. The question here is why they have taken such a high shine to the solar panels? This article will brief you about the key benefits of installing solar in Brisbane and how the best solar installers Brisbane can help you money.

Brisbane – A city with ample sunshine

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Brisbane is the third-most populous city in Australia. Residents in Brisbane enjoy a massive daily every 5.2hrs of full sun throughout the year. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane gets about 5.2 hours of ‘peak sun’ per square meter on average per day. The high daily average of ‘full sun’ means that a 6.6kW solar power system installed in Brisbane will generate an average of 27.7kWh electricity per day- which is enough to power the average family home!

Key Benefits of installing Solar Panels in Brisbane!

  • Solar power slash your bills up to 70%
  • Protect your family from increasing electricity prices
  • Helps you live an eco-friendly life
  • There’s a generous $3600+Solar Rebate for a 6.6kW solar system
  • Get paid in return from the grid for the electricity that you don’t use or earn for giving back the energy to the grid
  • Generate clean, renewable energy, and protect our future.
  • A good long term investment

But how do you save money with solar power in Brisbane?

The answer depends on various factors. When calculating how much you’ll save by investing in the best solar panels in Brisbane factors like the total electricity usage of your family, orientation, and angle of your panels, whether they are shaded during the day. The way your family consumes power. However, it has the most impact on your money-saving goal. The below table will give you an estimate of the savings you can achieve by switching to the solar system in Brisbane.

Solar System Size (kilowatts) Avg Daily System Output (kilowatts-hours) Annual Financial Savings
2 Kw 7.8 Kwh $698
3 Kw 11.7 Kwh $1,054
5 Kw 19.5 Kwh $1,426
10 kw 39 kwh $3,510


Great! But what does that mean?

When you look at your electricity bills, you should be able to see your energy usage in kilowatt-hours. Your energy usage will vary depending by season and usage. However, you can easily figure out roughly how kWh you use per day on average by looking at your previous electricity bills. As a thumb rule, the average Australian home uses around 15 and 25kWh of energy per day.

Knowing these numbers will help you choose the correct solar size. Remember, it is very much important to install the system of the right size to leverage all its benefits. Depending on your usage and solar size, you can enjoy yearly financial savings. The most popular solar sizes around the country are 3kWh and 5kWh.

Also, remember that the more of the solar energy you ‘self-consume’ (i.e. use directly) by shifting energy usage into the daylight hours, the more you will save on your electricity bills. Now if you generate more energy than you use, you can send the energy to the grid. The rate that you are paid for your excess solar energy is generally referred to as on ‘feed-in tariff’.

The Climate in Brisbane- Does Solar Make Sense?

The answer is straight YES. Solar absolutely makes sense in relevance with the climate. Brisbane’s summers are hot with an average high of 29°, while the sunny winters are warm, with an average of 21.3°. The level of solar irradiation in Brisbane is 4.81kWh/sq m/day. This means that the sun is beaming 4.81kWh of power per square meter onto the solar panels you install in Brisbane every single day.

Ideal Solar Panel Direction In Brisbane

The direction of the solar panel will have a great impact on the overall amount of energy produced by your solar system. It is crucial that your system faces the right direction. In Australia, a north-facing solar system will produce the most energy- with peak production during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point.

However, the direction to install a solar system on the North-East or North-West aspects of the roof will produce only slightly less energy compared to the system installed facing the North direction.

As the prices of panels and feed-in tariff have fallen, an East-West facing direction for installing panels is becoming increasingly popular. Because the direction allows generating power earlier in the day and finishes later in the afternoon- which follows most families’ energy usage pattern closely.

This means that even though your system is producing less energy overall, more of the energy is being self-consumed making the East-West installation direction an attractive prospect.

When deciding the direction of your solar system, it is best to consider your roof and the direction of the source while installing. Make sure the installation direction (that is a roof with sunlight direction) best meets your energy requirements. And to best do this, you can take a closer look into how you use power in your home.

If you are planning to install solar systems on the Sunshine Coast, you should consider the climate conditions and direction of the Sunshine Coast and then decide the installation direction.

We at Circuit Alert, guide you with the most appropriate solar power in Sunshine Coast or Brisbane to help you save from expensive electricity bills.

We provide unmatched solar service that you can trust for all your needs, be it the installation of solar panels in Sunshine Coast, the whole of Brisbane north up to Gympie, and everywhere between.

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