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Circuit Alert Solar are your first choice solar installer for SolarWatt panels.

We are premium partners of SolarWatt and are passionate about providing you with the best solar panel installations on the coast.

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  • 1993

    Founded by 2 solar pioneers

  • 1998

    SolarWatt release first Glass on Glass Solar Panels


  • 2015

    SolarWatt win EES Award

  • 2016

    SolarWatt release first 300w Glass Solar Panels


Founded in 1993 by two solar pioneers, SolarWatt quickly grew into one of Europe’s leading solar panel manufacturers. With high performing, durable and efficient panels, it’s hardly surprising that SolarWatt have won the EES Award twice.  In 2020, SolarWatt were winners of the German Design Award for ‘Excellent Product Design’.

With offices in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain, its easy to see how SolarWatt have grown into a leading European brand. SolarWatt also have an office in Riverwood, NSW. With their 30-year guarantee, SolarWatt offers you peace of mind when purchasing their panels.

With high performing, efficient and durable panels, SolarWatt has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee. Their glass-glass solar panels boast of an excellent efficiency rate of 16-20%. With their ability to withstand the Australian climate, SolarWatt are a popular choice for Australia solar customers. Click the image below to find out more about SolarWatt’s glass-glass panels.

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