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SMA Technology

SMA Technology are world leaders in premium solar and battery inverter solutions. The brand is trusted globally due to their innovative approach to sustainable energy, and we’re proud to be SMA Power Up partners.

Who are SMA Technology?

Established in Germany back in 1981, SMA have now grown to be one of the most reliable manufacturers of solar energy and storage products in the world. Now comprising over 3000 staff across 18 countries, SMA continue to lead the pack when it comes to photovoltaic system technology.

The brand kicked off operations in Australia back in 2007, and have been helping people and businesses take greater control over their energy needs. They do this with their top-quality, German engineered products which can be found in over half a million Australian homes already.

The SMA Solar Product Range

SMA Technology are market leaders in the innovative design of solar inverters and battery solutions. From smaller residential sized inverters to those for larger industrial sites, SMA have a solution for everyone.

German engineered to perfection, SMA’s products are built for efficiency. Using only the highest-grade components, customers are able to configure any kind of solar energy system for their unique budget and needs.

Boasting unique features such as SMA Shade Fix built into their Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters, you can even access a high energy yield in shaded conditions.

Across the board, SMA’s solar range is built to be smart. With Tigo integration, all kinds of optimization and the SMA Portal app built for easy monitoring of system performance, you can’t go wrong with SMA Technology.

SMA Technology and Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar

At Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar, we are proud to be recognised as SMA Power Up partners. It’s great for us, because we can offer our customers some of the best solar technology in the world. But for our customers, the benefits are enormous.

SMA products come with a 5-year warranty, but as SMA Power Up Partners, we can offer even more. Our customers can enjoy an additional 5-year warranty free of charge. Not only that, but residential customers can have their systems monitored through the SMA Smart Connected Service package for no extra cost. This means that SMA technicians are always monitoring system performance and can act quickly if an event affects your system.

Also, as partners, our technicians have access to exclusive support and assistance from SMA. We also receive the very best training to help serve you better. Thanks to SMA, everybody wins!