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For over 13 years, we have installed thousands of the best quality inverters and solar panels on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the last decade, we have gained the reputation of being one of the best solar installers on the Sunshine Coast.

We are rated in the top 5% of the best Solar & Battery installers in the country.

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We have a branch & showroom on the new Aura Business park so you can see the products before you buy.

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Why Choose Circuit Alert For Solar Panels Installation?

  • Established 2009 with thousands of local installs

  • We have our own teams of qualified electricians and solar installers--

  • Quality products with great warranties

  • Locally owned and operated, family business

  • CEC Accredited Installers

  • Licensed Electrical Contractors 72568

  • Voted top 5% best installers in the country

  • Sunshine Coast Showroom

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What Our Customers have to Say

Enjoy these real life experiences by real life people. These are our customers, the life of our business and we are more than proud to show off what they have to say about us. If you’ve worked with us before and would like to submit your own experiences, we would love to hear from you as well.

What a breath of fresh air in doing business with you! You & your team were highly professional, courteous & polite. I was amazed as to how efficiently the whole process went. I would definitely offer my family and friends to share the same experience with their solar needs.

John - Sunshine Coast

Great Service, Great Price, Great Team! The installation was very well done and very clean, our solar panels compliment our roof and we could not have asked for a better installer. We could not recommend you highly enough!

Aaron & Lucy - Sunshine Coast

I purchased a 5kw system from Richard of Circuit Alert Electrical using the Samil inverter and having it on the grid for 1 month now, not only have we zeroed our electricity bill but it is making us money!!! Dealing with Circuit Alert was great, Richard and his team turned up on time and I couldn’t believe how neat the job was upon completion. I would, and have recommended Circuit Alert Electrical to everyone.

Ian, Sunshine Coast

My name is Jim Liddle and I am a builder. Richard, from Circuit Alert is not the usual electrician that I use in my business but when it came to solar power, he is very good. I really liked his professional manner and his knowledge of solar power. The price for quality that I received was fantastic. I recommend Circuit Alert for your solar power solutions.

Jim Liddle - Sunshine Coast

Richard was highly recommended by a person that had experienced his work and was happy in every respect with his teams attention to detail. After speaking to Richard briefly it was apparent that he was passionate about his trade and his commitment to excellence. Richard and his two well-presented young men arrived on time as promised and worked flat out all day. The price charged was competitive and the system has been generating power to expectations. We would have no hesitation in strongly recommending Circuit Alert to any new client.

Colleen & Matt Cleveland - Sunshine Coast

In the wee hours this morning your super-quiet electrician knocked on my door and installed the above. All of this happened whilst my Chief Accountant and I were in bed fast asleep. Your service is simply stunning !!…I have never had a tradesman ever so adept that all is expedited whilst the customer sleeps……… Thank you so much as this restores my wavering faith in the trade services industry.

Brian McLaughlin - Coes Creek

Testimonials from some of our regular Builders


The Queensland Government scheme helps property owners to go solar without much hassle by paying for the excess exported solar power. Residents of QLD who have opted for new solar installations are eligible for a solar rebate. The average solar rebate in QLD is approx $4,215. However, the rebate amount may fluctuate based on the size of the solar panel.

Absolutely! Installing solar panels will not only increase your home’s value but also help you with reducing your energy consumption bill. Solar panels are especially worth it if you live in an area where the energy rate is significantly high.

There are three possibilities for this scenario:

(i) You could be using more electricity from the grid than the assumed numbers and calculations of savings.

(ii) Your solar panels are not producing enough energy.

(iii) The predicted calculations for savings via solar were incorrect.

This doesn’t have a simple answer as it really depends on the panels and inverters used; and other things to consider are the difficulty of the installation.

You will see systems advertised by some foreign owned companies at very low prices of around $500 per kW these can often be a result of re-branded grey imported products and are often installed by subcontractors that haven’t been paid sufficiently to install the system to an acceptable standard. This can, and often does, result in voided warranties; meaning if the system has a problem in the future, the client can be left out of pocket to repair it or even having to replace the entire system at their own cost.

You should expect to pay around $1000 per kW for a quality system that has been installed well and has warranties that are backed locally.

Solar power can help reduce your power bill by around $400 per year – per kW of the solar system. However, the cost may even increase or decrease based on the size of your home and daily power Consumption.

Many of our clients enjoy greatly reduced energy bills and some have either a zero energy bill or are even in credit after the solar feed in is applied to their account. A common problem we see is that some people have been ill advised into installing systems too small to have enough impact on their energy bill.

Solar isn’t a one size fits all, so its very important to make sure you’re installing the best system for your needs. Things to consider: Your current or projected energy bill without solar and how much of this energy is used during the day time when the solar is working and how much energy you will need to export to the grid to cover your night time usage. We use sophisticated software to help calculate the size system that would best suit your needs and budget.

Yes you can. There are several solutions available that will allow you to charge an electric car directly from the solar panels and one of our preferred, is the SMA sunny car charger. We also install the Solaredge integrated inverter car charger.

Charging electric cars directly from solar not only reduces your energy cost but also reduces your impact on the environment.

Over recent years technology has really leapt ahead with solar panels and we are no longer restricted to just facing panels to the north to make them work efficiently.

One of the main things to consider when designing the system is when you use your power.

If you have a hot water tank, we can face some panels to the east so it heats your hot water in the morning free from the solar.

Or maybe you have a pool and can pump the pool in the afternoon so we can put some panels on the west.
There are even some cases where if there is no other roof available, we can use a south facing roof and increase the system size to accommodate the loss in performance.

In all cases it’s important the system is well planned out by an experienced suitably qualified person and a projected system performance report is generated so you feel happy with the results before going ahead with any design.

The short answer is Yes you do. In almost all cases you would qualify for a federal grant or more commonly and correctly known as the STC rebate.

If you own a home or commercial building you will qualify to claim a stc credit on any system upto 100kw in size. You can claim multiple times upto to this size on each building. So if you own several buildings on different metering points you can claim up to 100kw on each. How this is calculated is on the size of the system being installed, so the bigger the system the bigger the grant. A typical 6.6 kw system generates approximately 91 STCs which have an approximate value of $37 each or $3367 off the cost of the system. Reputable companies will quote you whats called ‘an out of pocket cost’ which is the cost of the system you pay once the rebate has been deducted.

It’s important to be aware that the value of STCs can go down in value and some unscrupulous companies may chase you for any shortfall, if the value of the STCS drops below what they have quoted you. Which in some cases their rebate portion of the quotes are artificially high to give the impression you are getting a good deal. (read the small print in their T&C)