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Are you wondering if you’re eligible for the government solar rebate?

Do you want to know how much the solar rebate is?

  • How does the solar rebate work?
  • Stc stands for small scale technology certificate. Think of it like a gift voucher from the government for you to buy solar.
  • The rebate is often wrongly referred to under other names such as the Queensland Government Solar rebate Scheme and Sunshine Coast solar rebate scheme to name a few.

The bigger the system you want to buy, the bigger the gift certificate you get. In other words, the more kWs you install the more STCs you generate.
In order to claim these ‘certificates’, you need to fill out forms and have the clean energy council approve the certificates. Then the certificates can be sold on the open market. The price you get for these certificates can change rapidly.

When you buy a solar system from a reputable company, the price you are quoted should be your ‘out of pocket expense’ as solar companies generally claim these certificates on your behalf and offer a discount on your system in lieu of selling the STCs once your system is installed and approved by the CEC. Circuit Alert Solar will complete all the paperwork for you.

Often companies do not know exactly how much the STCs will be worth at the time of selling so they choose a figure close to the current price and will lock that in for you as a discount against your system cost.

That is why some companies will have a slightly different figure on your quote to others. All you need to worry about is your out of pocket expense.

Reputable companies will not come back to you for more money if they didn’t manage to sell the STCs for as much as they hoped some however do so it’s worth checking the small print.

You will see many ads on social media asking you to check to see if your postcode is eligible for the government solar rebate. This is generally just a lead generation process. The truth is that you are all eligible even if you have fitted solar before or had solar hot water installed.

We never hear anyone regret going solar with us, but many regret not getting the biggest system they could afford at the time. This makes lots of sense when you consider the amount of solar rebate is related to the size of system (kWs) you purchase.

Often buying a bigger size system can have a similar time for payback or return on investment to a lower priced smaller system as the ability to generate and export more power is greatly increased as is the yearly value of the system. Financing a bigger system also makes payback time shorter as finance is usually less than the savings on your current electricity bill.

Circuit Alert Solar offers payment plans through ParkerLane finance.


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