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Introducing the German engineered industry leading Q.Home Core from Qcells  at a special  discounted price from $11,995

With energy prices getting out of control, many are looking to install batteries but until now the cost has made them prohibitive. We are now starting to see cheap batteries enter the market but how cheap do you go before you run into problems?

Finding a battery that will last longer than the time it takes to get your money back and will perform efficiently and safely over its life has been very hard to find.

However we have teamed up with our partners at Qcells to deliver the very latest technology in batteries at a game changing price from $11995

The Q.Home comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty on the inverter and battery. It is German engineered and made in South Korea to maintain highest quality. The battery has been specifically engineered by Samsung to ensure the system will last many years passed its 15 year standard warranty.

We can now also offer an all German engineered Qcells Solar & Battery package Starting from just $15,995

Contact today for a free consultation to see if a Qcells Q.Home core is right for you.


A record breaking, market leader in solar module technology, With a focus on high-yield energy technology in real-world conditions, Q CELLS are the brand you can trust for solar panels in Australia.

Who are Q CELLS?

Q CELLS are a German engineered solar panel manufacturer, but they’re much more than that. As a company, Q CELLS strive for excellence every day in the quest for more sustainable energy solutions. Their R&D department is based in several locations and they’re continually designing, testing and creating technological breakthroughs in the world of solar energy.

This multi-award-winning company continues to innovate, meaning customers with their products are reaping the benefits throughout the world. They’ve been in Australia since 2009, and are still delivering exceptional quality and high energy yields with products that are perfect for Australian conditions.

The Q CELLS Product Range

The Q CELLS solar panel range is based on the revolutionary Q.antum Duo technology. This technology combines cutting-edge cell separation and innovative wiring to achieve maximum energy generation. With Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology 1, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™, Q.antum Duo cells will last longer than other brands, offering a higher energy yield for longer. They even perform better in low-light and temperature conditions.

All of this incredible technology forms the basis of the two main Qcells solar panels we recommend. These are the Q.PEAK DUO-G10+ and Q.Maxx -G5+ range. Boasting efficiency of up to 21.2%, you won’t find a better, more reliable solar panel than Q CELLS. For the best results in terms of energy yield, all-weather performance and longevity, the Q CELLS range is your smart choice.

Q CELLS and Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar

At Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar we’re proud to be the sunshine coast exclusif Q.Cells partners and trusted installers. We believe our customers deserve the best, and that’s why we choose to work with Q CELLS products for both residential and commercial customers.

As our main solar panel provider, we trust the innovative design and technology behind all Q CELLS products, and their warranty backs it up. For reliability, you can’t go past the 25-year warranty offered on the Q CELLS products we offer.

Our panels of choice are the Q.PEAK DUO-G10+ and Q.Maxx-G5+, both created using the incredible Q.antum Duo technology. These have been tried and tested in Australia for Australian Conditions at James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station. Please contact us for more information on these quality products,