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Introducing the all new Sofar PowerAll Battery system

The PowerAll comes with a 5kwh battery and is expandable so you can add more batteries at a later date if needed.

We can install the powerAll to your existing Solar system or combine it with new one.

Gaining your energy independence has never been more cost effective, as the price of electricity increases so does the value of your new battery system.

The Sofar PowerAll maybe a good discount battery solution to fight off bill shock and take control of your energy costs.

Sofar Solar power wall is newly released to the market and although we currently don’t offer them to our clients, we will monitor to see if they prove to be safe and reliable over the next few years.

The PowerAll comes with a 6000 cycle, 10 year warranty with local backup.

They are a entry level chinese made battery that comes at discounted price compared to other more established brands on the market

Sofar PowerAll Circuit Alert Solar

Affordable home battery system

We have been waiting a long time for a cost efficient home  battery solution to hit the market and the new PowerAll is a welcome arrival.

The System comes with the option to give you blackout protection so you can keep the lights on when the grid goes down.

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Who are Sofar

Sofar have been in Australia for many years and their products have proven themselves in the Austrian harsh conditions.

1000 staff globally and sold in 90 countries.–kUeDs