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Circuit Alert Solar Panels | The Best Source Of Solar Energy In The Gold Coast

Save Money & Energy With Solar Panels In The Gold Coast

On average, Australian households generate roughly 58 million petajoules of solar radiation every year – that’s 10,000 times more than its population needs! Fortunately, Australian families can consume energy more efficiently with a renewable energy solar system.

At Circuit Alert, we provide state-of-the-art solar systems that can help you save hundreds of dollars a year while reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of solar power, request a quote from us today.

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Reasons To Install A Solar System In The Gold Coast

You Can Increase Your Home Equity

Properties with solar systems are immediately desirable on the housing market. Because Australian households are becoming increasingly green, solar panels can significantly boost your home value when selling.

You Can Generate Your Own Electricity

When you generate your own electricity, you become less dependent on the local grid. Because of this, your home will be less prone to experiencing blackouts and energy interruptions.

You Can Enjoy Government Tax Benefits

To encourage Australian households to go green, the government provides renewable energy rebates for those who choose to install solar panels. Lucrative incentives help cover the initial costs of installing a solar system in your home.

You Can Lower Your Energy Bills

The average Australian family will consume between 800 and 900 kWh per month. At the current electricity rate, that’s worth almost $1,800 in annual bills! Because solar panels produce an abundance of clean renewable energy even on cloudy days you can shave hundreds off your monthly utilities.

You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Unfortunately, Australia relies on unsustainable energy sources such as fossil fuels for more Than 60% of its power needs. By installing a small solar system in your home, you can help prevent up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon per year! Solar systems run on free infinite energy from the Sun and  don’t require additional resources.

Why Work With Our Solar Installer In The Gold Coast?

We Have Over A Decade Of Experience

Operating since 2009, we have invested in the best quality solar inverters and panels for all kinds of Australian homes. In the last decade, we have become one of the most reputable solar installers in the Gold Coast. 

We Are A Local, Family-Run Business

Because we are a locally operated, family-grown business, we are entirely familiar with the Gold Coast area and know what will work best for your home. 

We Are Licensed & CEC Accredited

As licensed electrical contractors and CEC accredited installers, we are trusted professionals who provide the best quality solar panel Gold Coast installations every time.  

We Offer Expansive Gold Coast Solar Packages

We offer gold and platinum packages that suit different budgets. Not only do we provide basic solar panels, but we also stock quality storage systems and inverters.

Create Your Own Gold Coast Energy Grid With Circuit Alert Today!

​By making Circuit Alert your trusted solar energy provider, you can enjoy financial and environmental benefits for decades. If you’re ready to introduce renewable energy to your Gold Coast home, contact us today to request a free estimate on your installation.