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Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar Power Battery Storage: Cost Savings & Blackout Protection.

Solar Power Battery Storage

A solar grid only allows you to use its power as it’s generated– you can’t store any power for the nighttime. Since you’re still using grid electricity and driving up your power bill, you’re not making the most out of your solar power (or the savings it offers).

However, with a solar battery, you can use green electricity at all times of the day – saving both money and the environment!

What Is A Solar Battery?

A solar battery system has two components: solar panels and inverters, otherwise known as solar batteries. Solar batteries are filled with any excess power captured by your solar panels. Once night falls or it gets cloudy, the solar battery will kick in to provide your home with power, so you don’t have to use the power grid.

With the latest in solar battery technology, you can reduce your power consumption from the main grid by 90% – or even more. But it’s not just about cost savings; a solar battery not only reduces your power bill, but it also protects your home from blackouts.

Using green energy round-the-clock even comes with rewards. You can make money by feeding power back into the grid – many companies pay a pretty penny for excess energy.

Here at Circuit Alert, we’ve partnered with the very best in solar technology. Compared to other panels on the market, our solar panels boast higher efficiency and yield more power. Save more with Circuit Alert, – inquire about our solar batteries today!

Solar Battery Life Guarantee

Thanks to our partners, we can provide a 10-year guarantee on our solar battery storage system. Our systems also come with local, Australia-based support and Wi-Fi monitoring. If there’s a problem with your battery, our team will be the first to know – saving you the trouble of contacting us and waiting for our technicians to arrive.

Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage

Not convinced? Here are four of the best benefits that a solar battery system can offer you:

  • Power available whenever you need it: If you just have solar panels installed in your home, you can only produce electricity during daylight – this means they become useless once night falls or when it gets cloudy. With a battery, you can store the energy the panels gather during the day for later use.
  • Be power-independent: By switching to solar batteries, you reduce your dependence on the main power grid. This protects your home from blackouts or other power-related issues.
  • Reduce your power bills: Power independence comes with lucrative rewards. By reducing the electricity you draw from the grid, you automatically lower your power bill. Plus, if you generate enough extra energy to feed back into the grid, you can earn money!
  • Enjoy green energy: By reducing your reliance on the main fossil-fuel-powered grid, you drive down your carbon footprint. Solar power uses fewer resources and produces almost no waste, so it’s the way to go if you’re concerned about the environment (as you should be).

Get Your Solar Battery Installed Today!

Solar batteries don’t just help you save money – they can help you earn money. Whether you already have a solar panel or planning to get one, adding a solar battery into the mix can benefit you even more.

Need a solar battery storage system on the Sunshine Coast? Give Circuit Alert a call! Get a free consultation with us now, and our team of qualified electricians and solar experts will see how we can fulfil your solar battery needs.

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Shop 2, 102 Howard Street
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