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SolaX Power

As a globally recognised world leader in solar inverters and batteries, SolaX Power are a company we can’t ignore when putting together solar packages. Through years of innovation, their product range is a market leader and one we’re proud to stock.


SolaX Power have the bold vision of being the world’s best manufacturer and distributor of solar inverters and battery solutions. Due to their heavy focus on R&D, innovation is something we see consistently from SolaX. Boundaries are simply something to be pushed past, and this is obvious when looking at the ground-breaking technology behind their Hybrid inverters.

With products being exported to 66 countries via 200 distribution channels, SolaX have definitely made their mark on the world stage. So much so, that they’ve grown to employ 500 staff worldwide and offer international sales 24/7.

Best of all, they have an office in Australia and local warranty backing, which is a key component for us when selecting our product suppliers.

The SolaX Power Product Range

Solax create several ranges of inverter built for high performance. In fact, there’s so many different options that we’ve listed them below, including links to all of their specifications. Needless to say, there’s something to suit every budget and home.

A1 Series

  • A-Hybrid
  • A1-Fit
  • A1-Grid

X1 Series

  • X1 Series
  • X1-Mini
  • X1-Air
  • X1-Boost
  • X1-Smart
  • X1-LX

X3 Series

  • X3-Three Phase

X Hybrid Series

  • X3-Hybrid Three Phase

But SolaX products also come with some really neat gadgets to help monitor your system’s performance. Firstly, there’s the new Pocket Wifi. It’s a simple plug-in device which allows users to monitor their system’s performance anywhere in the world. Perhaps even more impressive is the SolaX Cloud. This app comes packed with functions for monitoring energy yield and production, but even better, you can also choose which items to power with your solar energy production.

SolaX Power and Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar

We love working with SolaX Power products because of their innovative technology and expansive range. At Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar we’re incredibly careful when choosing our suppliers. One of the key things we look for is a genuine, active presence in Australia and local warranty backing. We’re pleased to say, that’s what you get with SolaX Power.

The SolaX range of inverters come with a 10-year warranty, and we think they’re a great product for all households. We certainly know what we’re talking about when it comes to the best solar energy systems in Australia, and that’s why we trust SolaX. To put together the perfect solar package for unique energy needs and budget, come and talk to us about SolaX inverters today!