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Circuit Alert Solar is your first choice solar installers for Peregian Springs & Peregian Beach

We love to keep it local which means you’ll have access to some of the best electrical contractors and solar equipment on the coast.

We have installed lots of Solar & Battery systems across the Peregian area over the last 10 years and is a local family run business you know we will look after you for many years to come. 

Give us a call on 0754770610 to arrange a free quote.

Before 2008, Peregian Springs was simply known as “Peregian”, an Aboriginal word meaning Emu. After a major development, Peregian was given its new name. Peregian Springs boasts of a sprawling 18-hole golf club, 2 schools including St Andrew’s Anglican College and Peregian Beach College of which we have installed a large solar system.

Peregian Beach is a small and coastal town nearby to Peregian Springs. During the Second World War, Peregian Beach and Sunshine Beach were used for artillery training. To this day, residents of the area still find themselves picking up bullet casings or digging up unexploded ordnance in their gardens.

Both places find themselves environmentally conscious, meaning it is a great place to have solar installed in your home. Give us a call today at 0754770610 to arrange a free quote and solar consultation.



Best Quality & Highest Performance

Here at Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar, we don’t sell cheap giveaways. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality and highest performance solar modules and packages to our customers.

We care not only about your savings but we also strive to do the best we can for the environment, that surrounds us. We need to keep this planet alive and what better way to do that than supplying the Peregian and Sunshine Coast community with Free, Green & Clean energy. Forever!

Solar Installations in Peregian

Reputation is everything! We provide all of our customers with the guarantee, satisfaction and peace of mind that our work will be carried out safely with ultimate respect for your home or office.

We are confident when we say that you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar. We are trustworthy and get the job done. Call your local Sunshine Coast Electricians today and we can set up your free, no obligation consultation. 

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Looking for the best solar installers in Peregian?

For over 10 years, we at Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar, have installed thousands of the best quality solar panels and inverters on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the last decade, we have gained the reputation of being one of the best solar installers on the Sunshine Coast.

Why choose Circuit Alert Electrical & Solar?

  • Established 2009 with thousands of local installs

  • We have our own teams of qualified electricians and solar installers

  • Quality products with great warranties back by Rexel Australia

  • Locally owned and operated, family business

  • CEC Accredited Installers

  • Licensed Electrical Contractors 72568