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Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices | Make The Switch to Solar

Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices are on the rise with the rest of Australia. We are all awaiting a magical plummet to the ground with the Abbott-led government, but its doubtful that it will ever actually happen. If it does, great but don’t get too used to it as it could be quite a short lived endeavour.

When considering sunshine coast electricity prices its important to understand why the electricity prices are driven so high in the first place. Things must be taken into consideration like retail costs, carbon tax, green-schemes, wholesale costs, network charges.

This does not change that fact they are still to high and here at Circuit Alert Electrical, Sunshine Coast Electricians, we will always advice you on more cost-effective ways for you to use your energy.

Energex & Ergon Merger Proposal? The fact’s the State Government failed to mention

Energex & Ergon Merger Proposal?   "The opposition says the State Government failed to mention its plan to merge Queensland's two biggest electricity suppliers. An Energex & Ergon Merger." The State Government has announced a proposal to merge Energex and Ergon Energy, scrap uniform electricity tariffs and end reliability standards. Apparently the government says the
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Clean Energy Council Electricians – What To Look For!

Clean Energy Council Electricians

Clean energy council electricians are fully qualified and fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council and are capable of installing solar systems throughout Australia.

If you think its time to start working towards a more cost effective solution for your power. Solar Power could be the answer. However, finding the right solar company and the right installer for your solar panels can be quite a daunting task.

We have put together this buying guide to make the task a little bit easier for you.

Clean Energy Council Electrician Accredited Installer

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Sunshine Coast Smoke Alarms by Sunshine Coast Electricians

Smoke Alarms… Why Bother?

Sunshine Coast Smoke Alarms Fireman Saving The Day Circuit Alert Electrical

Sunshine Coast Smoke Alarms… Why Bother? Is what you might say when faced with your first quote to fit your home with these priceless beauties.

So we might start off this post with some interesting statistics to answer your question!

  • 75% of  fire deaths occur in homes
  • 40% of fatal fires didn’t have a smoke alarm fitted
  • 25% of fatal fires had a smoke alarm fitted but not working
  • 25% of all people killed in home fires were asleep at the time

Imagine what could potentially happen to your family with no functional smoke alarms installed.

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Sunshine Coast LED Lights

Sunshine Coast LED Lights

Sunshine Coast LED Lights Circuit Alert Electrical

Circuit Alert Electrical recommends switching your current lighting to LED Lights to reduce your power bills.

Circuit Alert Electrical supply and install Sunshine Coast LED Lights for your home or business.

Switching your current lighting over to LED lights will save you a substantial amount on your current utility bills. LED Light Bulbs can last up to 25 times longer and consuming close to 95% less energy than standard halogen and incandescent globes!

Energy Efficient Sunshine Coast LED Lights will light up your home or business. Choose tone of warm or cool natural white light. A Sunshine Coast LED light retrofit can greatly reduce your energy consumption and create huge savings on your energy bills, not to mention they look great. There are a number of homes and commercial buildings where lighting can account for up to 30% or more of your total electrical usage.

Switch to Sunshine Coast LED Lights Today. Contact Circuit Alert Electrical for your free consultation and quote.

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Electrician Sunshine Coast

Electrician Sunshine Coast



electrician sunshine coast circuit alert electrical sunshine coast


Why Choose Circuit Alert?

Here at Circuit Alert, we aim to provide a superior service to all our clients whatever their needs. Our team of local sunshine coast electricians have over 20 years experience in a wide and varied field including domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

You will be 100% happy with the service you receive from Circuit Alert. With years of experience in the electrical business and many returning customers Circuit Alert Electrical pride ourselves on reliable, punctual service with superior workmanship at a very competitive rate.

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