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Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices | Make The Switch to Solar

Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices are on the rise with the rest of Australia. We are all awaiting a magical plummet to the ground with the Abbott-led government, but its doubtful that it will ever actually happen. If it does, great but don’t get too used to it as it could be quite a short lived endeavour.

When considering sunshine coast electricity prices its important to understand why the electricity prices are driven so high in the first place. Things must be taken into consideration like retail costs, carbon tax, green-schemes, wholesale costs, network charges.

This does not change that fact they are still to high and here at Circuit Alert Electrical, Sunshine Coast Electricians, we will always advice you on more cost-effective ways for you to use your energy.

Circuit Breakers – All About Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers – All About Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers - Circuit Alert Electrical
What is a Circuit Breaker?

Circuit Breakers are an electrical switch that is designed to automatically switch-off in case of an electrical fault. Electrical Fault’s can be caused for many reasons including an overload on the circuit or a short located on the circuit somewhere. It’s basic function is to detect a fault and interrupt the flow of current. Unlike a fuse which operates once and then once it blows it must be replaced, a circuit breaker can be reset and switched back on to resume normal operation. If your circuit breaker continually trips (switch’s off) after you switch it on, please consult your local sunshine coast electricians, Circuit Alert Electrical via our Contact Page or give us a call on 0466 507 029.

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