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Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices | Make The Switch to Solar

Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices are on the rise with the rest of Australia. We are all awaiting a magical plummet to the ground with the Abbott-led government, but its doubtful that it will ever actually happen. If it does, great but don’t get too used to it as it could be quite a short lived endeavour.

When considering sunshine coast electricity prices its important to understand why the electricity prices are driven so high in the first place. Things must be taken into consideration like retail costs, carbon tax, green-schemes, wholesale costs, network charges.

This does not change that fact they are still to high and here at Circuit Alert Electrical, Sunshine Coast Electricians, we will always advice you on more cost-effective ways for you to use your energy.

Solar Power Takes Flight

Solar Power Sunshine Coast

Solar Power Benefits Australian Households.

With the costs of green energy falling, prices for fossil fuel alternatives are on a fast track to re-shaping the electricity markets throughout Australia.

As solar power takes flight, almost one million Australian homes have invested in solar pv systems, or solar energy of some description.  Recent studies have shown that approximately 1 gigawatt of solar power has been installed on Australian roof-tops in the last year and the Australian Solar Council states that this has increased the pre-existing capacity by more than two thirds.

Power Reducing Tips for your Business

Power Reducing Tips for Your Business

Power Reducing Tips for your Business

Saving the environment and reducing your electricity costs can go hand in hand. Simply by following a few power reducing tips, you can save your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on cheap electricity usage costs. Have a read through our Power Reducing Tips and start doing your part for the environment! [divider style=”hr-dotted”]

1. Use Energy Saving Features on all of your equipment.

Most printers, photocopiers, monitors all have Energy Saving Features built in. Imagine how much power you could save by actually utilising these features. Maybe you could even consider installing one of our Motion Detected Lighting systems for storage rooms or unoccupied server rooms.

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