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Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices | Make The Switch to Solar

Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices are on the rise with the rest of Australia. We are all awaiting a magical plummet to the ground with the Abbott-led government, but its doubtful that it will ever actually happen. If it does, great but don’t get too used to it as it could be quite a short lived endeavour.

When considering sunshine coast electricity prices its important to understand why the electricity prices are driven so high in the first place. Things must be taken into consideration like retail costs, carbon tax, green-schemes, wholesale costs, network charges.

This does not change that fact they are still to high and here at Circuit Alert Electrical, Sunshine Coast Electricians, we will always advice you on more cost-effective ways for you to use your energy.

Retail Costs: These make up around 9% of your total bill.

Carbon Tax: Makes up for around 9% of your total bill also.

Green-Schemes: Include the Renewable Energy Target, Various Energy Efficiency Initiatives, and more…. Green-Schemes make up for around 20% of your total bill.

Wholesale Electricity: Makes up for around 20% of your total bill which has dropped thanks to Solar Power.
It was estimated earlier in the year that between $300 Million & $670 Million is being saved on wholesale electricity prices due to the million-plus households who have installed Solar Panels.
Why these savings are yet to be passed on to the account holders is a question for the owners of the generators to answer. (here in Queensland the networks are owned by the state)

Network Charges: These are the charges associated with power poles’ main wiring, running cables, junction box’s and the general infrastructure used to deliver electricity to the residents.
These charges amount for about 50% of your total bill.

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The only answer to cheaper electricity.

Is to invest in small-scale solar power systems. Even commercial business owners can get on this band wagon with their roof space, why not do something useful with that roof?


Get in touch with Sunshine Coast Electricians, Circuit Alert Electrical and Make the Switch to a Brighter Future Today!

Sunshine Coast Electricity Prices wont be dropping anytime soon!


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