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Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors: How To Choose the Right Electrical Contractor

Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors

A How-To Guide on Choosing the right Electrical Contractor for your electrical needs.


Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors, Circuit Alert Electrical provide electrical contracting services to many homes and commercial customers. Selecting an electrical contractor to carry out your electrical needs can sometimes be quite a nerve racking decision to make. Most people will either flee to the phone book, search online or use a referral service which are all great sources. However, these sources will generally only provide you with enough information to get in touch with thecontractor. You may get a name and a phone number and sometimes a small blurb about the company and how amazing they are, which is great if your willing to risk the safety of your home on it. In order to have complete peace of mind and comfort you need to know who exactly your dealing with, there past work, how reliable they are, honest customer testimonials and whether or not they have had any issues with their work in the past.

Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractor - Circuti Alert Electrical

Every home owner in search of an electrical contractor should be following the steps below.

Define your electrical project

Is it a service call with a couple of small items? Or is it an extensive project like an addition to new home or a remodel?

Sometimes this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when in search of your sunshine coast electrical contractor. If your project is small, ensuring that your electrical contractor has an up-to-date electrical contractors licence number and is fully qualified for the job at hand may be your only pre-requisite. A larger job may require you to spend more time searching for the right contractor as you will be needing the extra peace of mind, comfort and reliability to ensure a successful and safe completion of the job. Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors, Circuit Alert Electrical can tick all the boxes for any electrical service you may require from small jobs to large jobs.

Reputation, Reliability & Stability

More often then not your looking for an electrical contractor that is sound financially and has a good reputation. If you choose an electrical contractor who is running out of money to keep the business pumping you might find that you end up with an electrician who cuts corners to save on the job for a better profit margin to keep their head afloat. This could be detrimental to the safety of your home and more importantly your family. Make sure you talk to people who have recently had electrical work completed and get the truth about your chosen electrical contractor. Better yet, as for and check their references. Circuit Alert Electrical is a locally owned business operating off the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland are financially sound electricians and will make a personal commitment to your home or business and will happily supply you with a list of our happy customers to ease the process in choosing your contractor.

Make sure the contractor gives free estimates

If it is something they can’t estimate their rates on, then get a general idea of the total costs for your project. Also, learn what that type of job your contractor usually takes on to get a rough idea on whether or not your project is out of the range of services or skill sets that they are used to applying. Make sure you are aware of what you’re getting into before they start work, changing your mind can be a costly experience. Most contractors will have you sign an agreement stating you agree to what they are charging for a project before they begin working. There should be no surprises when it comes to pricing. Any changes, the contractor should go over with you in detail before those items are completed.

Ask for Insurance Details

Ask your chosen contractor for a certificate of insurance for workers compensation and general liability. The insurance coverage should be enough to cover your home and then some for damages. If something unexpected was to arise, you want to know that the damage to your home, to your family and to your belongings is covered. This should also protect you from an injured employee coming back to you looking for compensation. Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors are fully insured to protect you from any unforeseen circumstances and to protect us and our employee’s under workers compensation. With safety being our number one priority, our insurer’s must love us.

Make sure you know who you are dealing with in the company

At the end of the day most contractors are willing to do what it takes to make the job right and the customer happy. When a disagreement arises, it will most likely boil down to communication issues between the contractors field crew, the contractors office, and the homeowner. A good contractor will provide the homeowner with one point of contact and follow up throughout the project to make sure the homeowners needs are being met. That contact will coordinate the scope of work and all changes with the field crew and keep the homeowner updated on the progress of their project. This will solve any issues between the homeowner and the field crew if the homeowner has been told something different on two different occasions and if that issue does arise then they know who they need to contact to get it all cleared up.

Never settle for cheaper is better

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The old saying is more true than ever when it comes to electrical work. Cheaper contractors may be cheaper because they use cheaper materials, do not pay their staff correctly which more than not will result in a lack of care when it comes to your home and the job. This is a massive safety concern. If your looking for the cheapest work you can find, be prepared to tackle the consequences when they arrive. They could be small or they could be fatal. Be Safe and make the right call. Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors, Circuit Alert Electrical are fully qualified and safe electrical contractors. We can admit it, were not the cheapest. This is because we dont rush our jobs, we take our time to ensure we leave your home or business just as safe if not safer than when we arrived. We clean up after ourselves, we dont wear boots in your home and we meet all applicable standards for electrical work, Every time.

Go with your gut.

We all have different personalities and ways we practice our business. If an electrical contractor rubs you the wrong way or is unresponsive and hard to deal with before the project has even started, chances are they will be even worse once work commences. So our advice to you homeowners out there is to go with your gut, it will generally be a pretty good judge of character and could save you the heartache, the hassle and maybe even money if you need to redo half completed work. So go with your gut.

Finally, Some questions to ask your Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractor prior to commencement of work;


  1. Inquire about the contractor’s warranty outline and insurances (Get it in writing)
  2. Make sure the contractor guarantee’s their work.
  3. Ensure your project and the work carried out will comply with Current safety codes and requirements.
  4. Will the contractor correct work that does not meet applicable standards?
  5. Insist on a written copy of the contractor’s estimate and insurance certificate prior to starting any work.
  6. Make sure the proposal or contract specifies the work to be performed.


There is also some great information freely available on the NECA Website: National Electrical and Communications Association of Queensland


Contact Sunshine Coast Electrical Contractors, Circuit Alert Electrical for your full and free estimate.

And Remember.

Be Energy Conscious.


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