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Sunshine Coast LED Lights

Sunshine Coast LED Lights

Sunshine Coast LED Lights Circuit Alert Electrical

Circuit Alert Electrical recommends switching your current lighting to LED Lights to reduce your power bills.

Circuit Alert Electrical supply and install Sunshine Coast LED Lights for your home or business.

Switching your current lighting over to LED lights will save you a substantial amount on your current utility bills. LED Light Bulbs can last up to 25 times longer and consuming close to 95% less energy than standard halogen and incandescent globes!

Energy Efficient Sunshine Coast LED Lights will light up your home or business. Choose tone of warm or cool natural white light. A Sunshine Coast LED light retrofit can greatly reduce your energy consumption and create huge savings on your energy bills, not to mention they look great. There are a number of homes and commercial buildings where lighting can account for up to 30% or more of your total electrical usage.

Switch to Sunshine Coast LED Lights Today. Contact Circuit Alert Electrical for your free consultation and quote.

Benefits of Sunshine Coast LED Lights


  1. Energy Saving means a reduction in Power Bills
  2. Save on Maintenance Costs due to LED Lights Lifespan
  3. Improve Aesthetics with stylish LED Down lights
  4. Environmentally Friendly LED Lighting to Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  5. Reduced Heat Output could reduce cooling costs
  6. LED Lights can produce millions of different colours if you want them too
  7. There is no Ballast in LED Lights so you can say goodbye to that dreadful hum
  8. Minimal UV/IR Radiation
  9. They Dim nicely, unlike incandescent’s that turn yellow when dimmed. LED’s retain their true colour
  10. Short Payback Periods


You can view some showcase’s on the Phillips website by Clicking Here.
You can also view the Phillip’s LED Product Range by Clicking Here.


Circuit Alert Electrical offer LED replacement bulbs for the home environment, commercial led lighting fixtures, down lights and strip lights. We also offer lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, bi-level switches, scheduling and dimming for commercial buildings. Professional installation is available in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions. Please contact us to discuss which lighting solution will best suit your requirements.

For more information, contact Circuit Alert Electrical today.


For an even further saving on your Energy Utility Bill. Consider the addition of a Solar Power System to offset some of your daytime lighting usage.

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